Monday, April 11, 2016

Four Things

Vereen Memorial Gardens

I saw someone post this on Facebook and thought hmmm that should be a blog post, well now it is.

Four names I go by:
1. Kelli
2. Mom
3. Kel
4. Bean

Four things I hate:
1. Ignorance
2. Racism
3. Lima Beans
4. Bills

Four places I have worked
1. Boss Hog BBQ
2. Winn Dixie
3. NC State Dept. of Corrections
4. South Shore Grille 

Four things I love to watch
1. People
3. My kid playing t-ball
4. My dogs when they cuddle

Four places I have been
1. Australia
2. Florida
3. New York
4. Connecticut

Four things I love to eat
1. Chinese Take Out
2. Food Tyson cooked on the grill
3. Publix Mojo rotisserie chicken
4. Spaghetti

Four things I love to drink
1. Water
2. Water
3. Water
4. Water (I'm not allowed to drink much of anything else)

Four things I cannot live without
1. Books
2. A car
3. My kid
4. My dogs

Four things I am looking forward to
1. Summer
2. Beach Days
3. The last day of school
4. Seeing my sister in August

I stole this from Facebook so now you can steal it from me, I'd love to see your 4 things.


  1. Fun post!! :) I might stash this away for a post idea- so thanks! Yes to HGTV and yes to food that's cooked on the grill. There's nothing better in my opinion ;)

  2. I love these types of posts, I may just have to steal this idea :) I had lima beans for lunch last week lol. I love them so much! I am a big fan of HGTV!!! I watched a few episodes of Fixer Upper Friday night.

  3. I don't even know what lima beans taste like - I might have to eat them just to find out if I also hate them. :P My 4 things I couldn't live without would be the same except swap the kid for my computer. Ha!

  4. I will definitely be stealing this! I don't think ive ever had a Lima bean lol, and I didn't know you could only drink water!

  5. Someone tagged me in this on FB and I never did it. It works better as a blog post!

    MFD hates lima beans. I'm a fan.

  6. I do not like lima beans. Except in soup. Then I like them.

    I agree with Steph. This works better as a blog post than on FB.

  7. Your answers are all so good. I enjoy these kinds of posts. I love that you have "people" listed first on things you like to watch.

  8. Yes, this is a great post and not appropriate for Facebook (too long!). I will steal it promptly :). Why can't you drink much else besides water?

  9. yes to hating ignorance and racism! although i haven't encountered racism in my city for years...except when i say racist comment about my own peoples LOLOLOLOLOL

  10. i don't think i've ever had a lima bean but goodness give me chinese takeout every day please! lol. and yes to HGTV!


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